First place, I-1 class 67% winner of stakes class at Gilroy Gates.

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2019 Results

Harriett and Heidi Gaian went to Golden State in Rancho Murrieta and got a 66 percent in their
classes at Prix St. George, January 24 and 25.

• Heidi Gaian clinic Feb. 4th, Monday at Shiloh.

Also in February, Nellie rode with Joh Hinemann at Villa Rosa on Harriett. We learning and progressing.

• Stephanie Seheult physio rider position clinic September 16.

• Heidi Gaian clinic September 30.

• Heidi Gaian clinic October 23.


2017 Results

• July - Gilroy Gate show: Wishnewski got 73% and first place, and day two, 69% first place both in Intermediare 1 freestyle.

• June - Gilroy Gate show: 6/2 Nellie and Wischnewski's first freestyle performance. Score 71%, 2nd place. 6/3 Freestyle score 68%, 3rd place. Wishy was very good and we had fun!

• May - Villa Rosa clinics with Heidi Gaian in Hollister.

• April - CDS East Bay Chapter Spring show: Nellie and Wischnewski PSG - 64%, I-1- 65%, first place.

• April - Dressage at the Gaits: Nellie and Wischnewski. PSG- 65% 2nd place, I-1 - 67%, first place.

CDS/USDF 2016 championships Burbank, CA - Results

• Laos De Brazilia, aka Laddie, came in 4th place in the USDF Intermediare 1 freestyle. 64%

• Wischnewsky, aka Vischie came in 4th place USDF warm-up. 64%

• CDS Open Intermediare 1 14th place out of 19. 65%

• USDF Open Intermediare 1, 10th place out of 18. 65%

I was very happy with our results, and had fun. Stephanie was a great help and Heidi Gaian was the best coach ever! We got to go to Universal Studios to see the Harry Potter area and rides on a day we didn't ride.

• Nellie earned her CPR AED certification from the Red Cross - April 2nd, 2016