What Nellie's Students are Saying...

"Nellie's unique style of dressage training is very supportive and encouraging, yet focuses on reaching realistic goals. My riding has progressed greatly in less than one year and with Nellie's help, I successfully competed in my first dressage show. Nellie's positive attitude has helped me to learn, kept me focused, and I am enjoying the journey along the way."

- K. Burch


"I feel so fortunate to have found such a talented, knowledgeable, patient, caring and dedicated trainer and mentor as Nellie! With Nellie's training and guidance, my horse and I have progressed from training level to Prix St. George with the hope and intent of making it to Grand Prix. I have learned so much from her and earned my bronze and silver medals thanks to her! Nellie is so positive, motivates her students to be better riders and gives them the confidence to accomplish their dreams. She is an amazing rider and coach and seems to know exactly what the horse and rider need to perform at their best. Nellie's lessons are challenging but fun, and she always makes me laugh!"

- L. Anderson


Nellie trains both horses and people with insight, sensitivity, patience, consistency, positive rewards, and loving kindness. She sees the best in us and draws it out with a wealth of training exercises. With fun and laughter, she gently pushes us beyond our perceived limitations and into new skills and awareness. My horse, Soli, and I both really enjoy working with Nellie!

- D. Roman


"I have groomed for and ridden with Nellie for many years. As her groom, I can tell you the care she gives the horses in training with her is phenomenal. She treats them like one of her own horses, takes time with each horse, and pays attention to the details of every horse's well-being. She is incredibly organized, always has a schedule that she maintains, and is very dependable.

I enjoy taking lessons with Nellie because she is an excellent teacher. I ride a Percheron that I bought from a logging company and trained to be a dressage horse. I bring my mare over for a lesson with Nellie a couple times a year when I feel like I've reached a stand-still with her training. Nellie is always able to diagnose what my horse and I need to work on to get going again, even if she hasn't seen us for months. She's never once suggested I get a dressage horse if I want to ride dressage, or that I need to be in full training. For years I didn't have a saddle, and Nellie had no problem with me taking lessons in only a bareback pad! Nellie is creative, open-minded, and non-judgmental. She is always full of good tips and advice to help me train my unique horse, but never tries to encroach on my independence. Nellie has high standards for how she works with the horses and people in training with her, but is also a very fun and flexible teacher- a rare and invaluable combination!"
-A. Lutz